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Series 16 Rotary Switches 


Meets requirement for 1 to 10 ampere switching of resistive load to .75 power factor at voltages to 600V AC and 28V DC resistive loads.

10 Amperes, Max., 120VAC
Closed Construction
Rotary Detent Action
Single and Double Break Circuits
Multiple Poles
Adjustable or Fixed Stops
Screw Terminations

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Detented Power Switches
(30 Amp)

30A/ 600 VAC continuous
2 Thru 8 Positions, Adjustable Stops 1 to 10 Sections
1 to 20 Poles
Contacts: Break-before Make or Make Before-break
Action: 45º Positive Detent

Stationary Contacts: Silver over Copper, Name plates, Terminal, Mounting and stop screws supplied with switch in addition to knob and Engraved mounting plate.

The Shallco Series 26 switch provides modular decks so that any number of non-standard configurations may be developed to meet a wide variety of applications. For non-standard configurations (or mixed configurations).


Lock-Out Relay (Series 26)

30A/ 600 VAC continuous
2 position, stops factory set for "Trip" and "Reset"
1 to 10 sections standard (for other options contact factory)
Up to 20 sets of N.O. and20 set of N.C. Contacts
Contacts: Break-Before-Make
Action: 45 Degree Positive Detent
Stationary Contact: Silver over Copper
Nameplates, terminal screws, and mounting screws supplied with switch


Product Publications

Part Number Specification Sheets