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Industrial Switch Products

Designed and Manufactured in the USA, to serve the Power Generation and Distribution Industries, Shallco’s products include, Lock-out Relay, Instrument Control Switches, Detented Power Switches,



Breaker Control Switches, Snap-action Rotary Switches, Time Delay Breaker Control Switches, and Cam Switches.  Conform to industry standards.

Transportation Products

Designed and Manufactured in the USA, to serve the Automotive and Transportation Industries, our product offerings include, Battery Disconnect Relays, Bi-Stable Relays,

Mono-stable Relays, Battery Disconnect Switches, DC Power Protection, Duty Cycle Protection for low voltage and high current, Power Rocker Switches, DutySafe Breakers.  Designed to meet industry standards.

Industrial Switch Products of TD CSR, Detented Power Switch, Lock-Out Relay, Snap Action Rotary Switches, Auxiliary Switch

 Shallco’s New Breaker Control Time Delay Relay, TD CSR, with Lighted Escutcheon Nameplate for Arc Flash Protection

 Snap Action Rotary Switch with Quick Connect Terminals or Screw Terminals, Series 1610


 Snap-Action Rotary Switch, Series 345 for Railroad applications with indexing of 45 degrees

Rotary Switch, 10 Amperes Max with Detent Action and Screw Terminals, Series 16

16 Amp Auxiliary Switch, with quick connect or screw terminals used in the Power Industry

Detented Power Breaker Control Switch with available Lighted Escutcheon Nameplate

Snap Action Rotary Switch, Series 3, 10 to 30 Amperes switching of resistive loads, closed construction

Fuseholder rated 61 to 100 Amps, 90 to 500 Volts, Stud Type Terminals, Drip Proof, and Military PN M19207/6-002

Snap Action Rotary Switches 16 Amps, screw and quick connect terminals, Mil-S-15291/2 or Mil-S-15291/3 options

ompliance of ISO 9001:2008

Transportation Products, Battery Switches and Disconnects, Bi-Stable Relay, Monostable Relay, DutySafe Breaker

 Magnetically Maintained Bi-Stable Relay, 300 Amps, 12 Volts, Bottom Mounted

100 Amp DC High Voltage Relay, 200 Amp DC High Voltage Relay

 12VDC 200 Amp Heavy Duty Relay, 24VDC 200 Amp Heavy Duty Relay

DutySafe Breaker 50 Amp Threaded Stud and Quick Disconnect DC Circuit Protection

Magnetically Maintained Bi-Stable Relay, 300 Amps, 12 Volts, Bi-stable Relay with mounting Bracket

Battery Switch and Disconnect, with indicator knob for the Transportation, Marine, and Heavy Equipment Industries

 DC Low Voltage Bi-Stable, 50 Amp and 100 Amp 24VDC, Relay

Battery Switch and Disconnect with lockable shielded handle for the Transportation, Marine, and Heavy Equipment Industries

Battery Switch and Disconnect lockable with removable key for the Transportation, Marine and Heavy Equipment Industries

Maintained Mono stable 12VDC, 300 Amp relay, bottom mounted

Power Rocker Switch and DutySafe Breaker, 70Amps 12 VDC

Quality Management System Certificated in Compliance of ISO 9001:2008

● Shallco, Inc. is a Quality Manufacturer of Custom, Military, and Standard Grade Switches.

● We offer the best possible solutions, delivered on time at competitive prices. Let us help you make the SWITCH today.


● Shallco not only provides an extensive list of catalog items, but can also design new products for your application needs.

● Our Design staff has the skill and tools to create the best possible solutions for all of your unique applications.


● From machining to packaging, Quality is held to the highest standards.

● Our internal processes provide you the peace of mind that your equipment is outfitted with the best in the business.